Zero Integration with Intapp to Be Featured at Intapp Connect19

Zero, a provider of artificial intelligence email management tools, today announced it will be demonstrating its integration with Intapp Time at Intapp Connect19New York April 17–18 at Grand Hyatt Central Station. Zero’s AI-powered technology automates passive, instant capture of billable interactions with client email on mobile devices – simplifying a primary billable activity of attorneys who are frequently work away from their desks while working. The integration allows attorneys using the Intapp platform to automatically capture billable work from their mobile devices and populate contemporaneous time entries in Intapp Time without additional steps or time.

“Until recently, time entry systems for the legal profession have failed to accommodate real-world workflows of attorneys, which increasingly rely on the flexibility and convenience of mobile devices,” said Ryan Steadman, CRO at ZERO. “Zero dramatically reduces the cognitive and administrative ’drag’ that comes with the timekeeping and filing chores that constantly distract attorneys from substantive legal work. Our solution to this problem is simple and elegant, ensuring these non-billable administrative chores are completed instantly and accurately, and allowing attorneys to keep their focus on creating value for their clients.”

Zero has also recently integrated with other time entry platforms, including

  • Bellefield
  • Carpe Diem
  • Elite
  • Aderant

With the new integration, users log into Intapp from the Zero app, open an email or email conversation, and Zero automatically begins recording user activity. Zero identifies the matter each email pertains to and the conversation topic, and records the time the user consumes reading individual emails, composing replies, composing new emails and reading attachments. Zero then automatically generates a detailed time capture narrative and sends it to Intapp, grouping time captures by email subject and grouping conversations with a unique ID number.

In addition to automating time capture and time entry narratives, Zero’s AI technology automatically files emails into a firm’s DMS.  The AI-powered time capture feature automatically identifies the associated matter—including differentiating between matters for clients with multiple matters—creates a narrative and feeds these time records directly into the firm’s time entry system for review, editing, and posting.

About Zero

Zero is a mobile-first, artificial intelligence technology for email management.  Zero claims to be the only application to automatically capture billable time for interacting with client email on a mobile device – helping lawyers recapture time and potentially-lost revenue. Zero’s AI technology automatically files emails into iManage, NetDocuments and OpenText document management systems. Zero also boasts a set of email productivity tools for lawyers such as wrong recipient detection that improve compliance and an additional variety of smart features that allow customers to process and analyze large volumes of email faster and more accurately than any other mobile email client.